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Posted on: 2013/1/17 7:04
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Any other fans out there?

I passed it off as a cheap marketing/sales gimmick of a game at first, and there's certainly some truth to that assessment. I tried it out on a lark, though, and honestly have had a pretty good time with it. Something about the portability of characters (bring your guy from your game over to a friend's game, with all its stats and moves intact) really sunk its hooks into me... let alone the basic concept of shuffling toys around in front of you to alter the game you're playing.

Re: Skylanders
Posted on: 2013/1/17 11:41
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Well, the idea is good and surely can bring something fresh in gaming experience.
The personnages are well done and the game is fun.
Just a little short and too easy. That's how you realize that the game is for young generation. Also, it must be one of the most expensive (for customer) game realized.

I did the first opus and it was fun.
I think it could have been great in the hand of Gamefreak.
Maybe one pika day... :)

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