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Spy Gear 3d Viewer
Posted on: 2012/5/11 5:31
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Hi Guys,
most of us are into Anaglyph 3-d stereo scopic viewing as well. Well it used to be that to view something in red and blue anaglyph you had to carry a pair of 3d glasses with you to the comic book store or the conventions. Well the current Mcdonald's happy meal (kid's meal) prize has a solution to that. Yes you heard me correct the happy meal prize. In the Spy gear collection they are offering a compact 3d anaglyph viewer. This handy viewer is a little bigger than a small cell phone and it has a pair of 3d spectacles that very cleaverly slide out of the casing and slide back in when you are done with them to protect them. When I saw this I immediately ordered 2 of them and got the last 2. The prize number is 6 so good luck at finding them before their gone. Here's some pics to give you a better idea.

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