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Replacing SRAM Battery?
Posted on: 2012/2/1 4:53
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I've searched for the past half hour and can't seem to find any information and swapping out the SRAM battery. I'm interested in grabbing a used Wario Land but the guy has told me that it no longer saves.

Does anyone have a guide for doing a swap?
Can anyone tell me what type of battery to buy?
Do the batteries have tabs on them?


Re: Replacing SRAM Battery?
Posted on: 2012/2/1 15:18
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The battery is a CR1616, spot-welded to the tabs.

I put a new one in my Wario Land a few years back. I de-soldered the tabs (with battery attached), then used a blade to get the old battery free. Then I soldered the tabs back in place.

Next I slotted the new battery between the tabs and closed everything back up - I didn't bother using anything else to secure the battery as it seemed to stay put just fine. And It still works, so yay me.

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