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What could have saved the Virtual Boy
Posted on: 2011/11/21 22:48
Virtual Freak
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Stumbled across an article on that discusses three failed systems, why (they believe) the systems failed, and what (they believe) would have saved them.

Could anyone write an article on this subject and not talk about the Virtual Boy? ... d-consoles?pager.offset=4

Re: What could have saved the Virtual Boy
Posted on: 2011/11/22 3:30
PVB Elite
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I don't think the VB failed, I think the biased media failed on the VB.

The only downfall was that the VB had no killer App besides Wario. But just the same, the 3DS had no original killer app until 3D Mario Land.

The VB gives you headaches, can cause color blindness, will give 137% of users an epileptic seizure, will make your grand kids infertile, etc etc.
It was nothing but the rumormill that ultimately milled away at the VB's potential success IMO.

""Nintendo had developer hardware that could display VB games in 2-D on a TV screen, but they never shared it with us," Bieniek says. "In fact, they didn't even use it to display games at trade shows. I didn't find out that it existed until many years later, long after the VB was discontinued.""

For Christ's sake, more media BS. "$%*IN FACT*$%" the "Projection unit" more commonly known as the TV-boy was used at both E3 1995 and 1996. Yes it could display in 2d via S-VHS and Composite, but the unit was a very expensive device and only a handful were made for large screen presentations. If the guy had any knowledge of what he's talking about, he'd be aware of all the super high resolution 2d slides for every game that were sent to the media...
Just more lies from the biased media, surprise surprise.
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