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real world toy...
Posted on: 2009/8/11 19:20
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For me sometimes it has to be a real world toy . OK I love old game mashines,but I also love old Toys. I love my YoYo...the most portable game/toy ever me think.
I always wear one at my key chain...its fun...
what kind of old or older toys do u like?

me doing a little yoyoing:

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Re: real world toy...
Posted on: 2009/8/17 10:29
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I've always been a fan of Lego blocks (especially the Technic ones) as well as building toys in general. With Legos, I often tried to build the model(s) they show on the box without looking at the instructions. Didn't always work that well with the more complex ones

There was one such building toy I really loved when I was about 12 called "Legions of Power". I got the last one (on clearance) at Kay Bee with money I got for my birthday. It was specifically for building vehicles and included some really quite powerful motors and tons of wheels. I liked that set even more than the more popular Robotix, which I've also owned. All I have left is one, inanimate cube-shaped piece... *sniff*

EDIT: Here's a pic of the one I had:

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Re: real world toy...
Posted on: 2009/9/30 4:52
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Wait, so game machines are not considered real world toys? :(

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