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Playing in the dark
Posted on: 2009/8/27 7:41
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Well, the power went out again. After a game of Scrabble with my mom, I played my Virtual Boy. I got about 800 lines in V-Tetris, and then my mom went to bed. With the candle lit and by my side, I moved to the table and began a new game of Virtual Boy Wario Land. After getting to stage two, the power came back on. I was so happy because it had been like three hours! I plan to do more with my Virtual Boy, I've been sort of neglecting it, maybe play some Galactic Pinball tomorrow and work on removing the octopus in GoSub because I can't get it to move. Yes, I'm going to work on GoSub some more. All in all, it reminded me how much I love my red machine, you can play it even when the power goes out.

Re: Playing in the dark
Posted on: 2009/8/27 9:58
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Heh, just don't burn your house down by not noticing that your candle fell over while your head is in the VB ;) .


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