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Some ideas and questions
Geschrieben am: 01.11.2008 17:02
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Dabei seit 31.10.2008
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Hello,i would like add some ideas about vb scene.maybe some them are imposible or dificult to do.

One ,i have explained on other topics,as mix the engine and vide,it would be easy create the map/graphics and using the engine make it in movement and other stuff,rather than create a new map editor from scratch.

Other idea would be why dont use other homebrew programs and make some way to port to vb.I know the plataforms are diferent,but if porting betwen it would be easy ,all the homebrew scene would be beneficiated.
An example,would be port sdl or palib ( a simple and great library for nds proyect).
Only need to adapt to several plataforms.The most time of a proyect is not programing,as the creative part,level design,animation,...
And exaple,this demo/game :everlasting.(
it is a simple game,but very used the palib developer library,if palib also work on vb ,it would be easy to port ,only a recompile.
(i know the two architectures are a very different ,but for simple games as this it would be fine).
some programs as tilemap has pluggin for several plataforms.User only create the map and the program export data for the desire plataform.
and only need create the code for moving ,but vbjaengine is fine for it no?

and the last idea,could be vb emulate other plataform as older gb and others??
it would give the plataform a lot of games.
(i think maybe it is imposible because not many power /ram )

And for ending it,my question.
I wanna export the sprites of mario clas.I have the mario and enemies.But i would like export the background and the pipes.Some help??
(i am thinking in create a remake on nds with palib,and after maybe port it to vb,with maybe a level editor and 2 players (the game NEEDS it!! :p ).(i am not a very good programing and i need a lot of time ,until now only simple programs for math class)

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