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Planet Virtual Boy mentioned in my Podcast
Posted on: 2005/10/19 9:37
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We recorded the second iteration of Video Game Theory(podcast), although we're considering it to be the real first episode. The name should generally give away what it's about. Anyway, we have started a feature in it called RetroView, wherein one of us(the hosts) discusses a retro or classic game, console, or peripheral for which we hold strong feelings. I used the Virtual Boy as my first RetroView, and also mentioned Planet Virtual Boy in the show(actually, I read a small portion of the technical specifications from PVB), and I list the url in the show notes.

No, this isn't gratuitous self-indulgence by advertising my podcast, though I would graciously welcome new listeners. I thought it would be cool to give you guys props, along with our favorite red console. If you do listen to the show, please share your thoughts.

Main Feed- 64 kbps mono (
Or,if you like the podcast, you can subscribe to the following feed in your preferred podcasting client:

Man, skimming over the post, it seems like a grab for attention, but that's not how I intended the post. Ah well...

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