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Mirror Stabilization Issue
Posted on: 7/16 16:26

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Hi all,

I'm new here, I recently discovered an issue with my virtual boy, after sitting on a shelf for a a year, I tried to play it again and the mirror on the right eye wont stabilize. I have game audio (galactic pinball) so I know its booting up but the unit tries 4 times to get the mirror to stabilize then the mirrors stop and screen stays black. I have opened it up and checked/cleaned the sensor with compressed air, also making sure there was nothing possibly loose or in the way of the mirror. I have also tried unplugging and re-seating the wires to the VUE-MAI-01 board. I am not sure what to do, does anyone have any suggestions?


Re: Mirror Stabilization Issue
Posted on: 7/23 19:34

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Id love some info on this too. I have an intermittent unit that is likely the crummy green wire harness but Im not 100% sure...gotta look into it more when I get free time.

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