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Virtual Boy Cartridge Hard Travel Case-For Sale
Posted on: 6/28 13:38
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Hi,I'm selling my Virtual Boy Cartridge Hard Travel Case.

I'm selling it because I'm not happy with it.
The foam of the case leaves little rubber/glue parts on the every cartridges after the cartridge was pull out.
The foam needs to be cleaned,but I don't really fancy doing that.

Price: 55 Euro-60$ include shipping worldwide.

Attach file:

jpg  20200628_102929.jpg (2,600.75 KB)
2554_5ef880e09ffae.jpg 3264X1836 px

jpg  20200628_102828.jpg (1,856.00 KB)
2554_5ef8817348734.jpg 3264X1836 px
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