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Virtual Boy Replacement Serial Number Stickers
Posted on: 6/13 4:50
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Hello all. Iím a relatively new VB owner, I grabbed one off of eBay untested and have been working on cleaning and restoring it. Iíve already removed my displays and plan to get them solder fixed extremely soon. As I had already gotten those removed, I decided to go all the way and clean the shell (it was disgustingly dirty). Now, my serial number sticker was already quite battered. It was barely readable already, however if I can make out what it was I will add it to the registry. I took my shell to be cleaned with soap, hot water, and a scrubber, but before that I decided to put scotch tape over the service and serial stickers. The service sticker survived, but I lifted the entire barcode off of the serial number. It lifted onto the tape, leaving the sticker blank. At first I went to eBay trying to find a replacement, but none were there. I contacted someone who does sell serial stickers for other Nintendo consoles, however they will not custom make one for me. Does anyone here know of a place I could go to get a new one, or know anybody who could make one? I know itís no huge deal, but I would like to have that there so my whole unit can be complete.

Exit: I was able to piece my sticker back together. The serial number has too many scuffs to be able to piece it together. Looks like this one wonít be seeing the registry.

Re: Virtual Boy Replacement Serial Number Stickers
Posted on: 6/19 8:18
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Probably the best you will ever get.

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