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Dragon Hopper fan game
Posted on: 5/25 15:55
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Found something unusual and pretty cool. Youtube user "Banda Virtual" has posted a video describing a fan game based on Dragon Hopper. The description contains a link to a ROM download.

It's all in Spanisch, but apparently, from what I understand, he created a Game Boy adventure game with custom sprites based on Dragon Hopper using GB Studio, then wrapped that GB ROM in MK's Game Boy emulator to produce a ROM that can be played on Virtual Boy.

ROM attached to this post.

It's a novelty that a game has been produced for another system, but with the Virtual Boy as the sole target system in mind, through emulation. I wonder if I should treat it as an actual Virtual Boy homebrew and include it in the homebrew database. Or would it be a whole new category? What do you guys think?

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Re: Dragon Hopper fan game
Posted on: 5/26 5:23
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This is pretty cool. I feel like it deserves an honorable mention (and link) in the Unreleased Dragon Hopper section. If more of these type of games pop-up, then I vote for a new section -- "Compiled for MK's GBA on VB EMU".

Re: Dragon Hopper fan game
Posted on: 5/27 0:40
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I agree, also how is it? I miss my owning a Flashboy, as it would be nice to try out.

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