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Please help
Posted on: 5/7 21:41
Joined 5/6
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Is this fixable at all?

Here is what Iím thinking: I can remove the ribbon cable all together. Then, using a fiberglass pen, I can scrape away the solder mask. Then I can solder wires directly from the ribbon cable board to the main logic board.

Think it will work?

And also, does anyone know where I can new ribbons or display boards?

Also, if you or anyone you know of knows how to fix this, please let me know.

Attach file:

jpeg  33A6CFB2-3AD2-4538-A9F8-E9EDAA297CDE.jpeg (1,277.85 KB)
15645_5eb46452f19c5.jpeg 3264X2448 px

jpeg  998B3B90-3A5F-4C8D-93F4-49B9E2D2AC51.jpeg (1,144.46 KB)
15645_5eb464616ec9e.jpeg 3264X2448 px

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