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Cartridge Travel Case (Holds 35 Games) V3.0
Posted on: 4/10 12:53
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( I also have Gameboy and vectrex items too 😀)

A new addition to my family of virtual boy travel cases. This cas can hold all 35 official official games.
(14 USA) (19 Japanese) ( 2 not for resale DEMO only)

The spacing is perfect for easy access and visibility to see game labels. Good protection too.

Inside is a chart in alphabetical order for the game list. If you would like I can send the chart blank so you can write in your own titles. Perfect for users who may have Homebrew games not on the official list.

Very customizable/choices on the users end

Be sure to check out my other custom VB goods


Case dimensions: exterior 13 1/2" x 8" x 4 3/8"
These cases are manufactured from prime, high-density polyethylene, with double wall construction. The textured exteriors resist dents, cracking and scuffs. The shells are unaffected by extreme temperatures. The hardware features mechanical latches that are field replaceable, and a mechanical hinge system that is made to last. All cases meet U.S. 94B Specifications as an electrical insulator and are impervious to chemical attack.


Polyethylene foam is resilient, closed-cell foam ideally suited as the material or a component material required for shock absorption and vibration dampening. Additionally, it functions as insulation, buoyancy and barrier components and as cushioning material in packaging.


Charcoal foam provides a difficult to soil surface that is perfect for long-term usage in a variety of areas. It is practical for packaging and in the casing of frequently used and delicate items, as it will maintain a professional appearance without dirtying. This foam also has a complete open-pore structure that gives it excellent air flow properties, great for filter applications.

Attach file:

jpeg  680B8713-B446-403A-A059-780FAD6E9458.jpeg (581.55 KB)
3598_5e906bd3e7c4c.jpeg 828X612 px

jpeg  BF353FC6-AA22-4D85-9986-61677DB81BD9.jpeg (470.40 KB)
3598_5e906be57099f.jpeg 828X594 px

jpg  IMG_6076_1.JPG (5,589.13 KB)
3598_5ea5f3787f028.jpg 4032X3024 px

jpg  IMG_6078_1.JPG (3,501.67 KB)
3598_5ea5f385a41cf.jpg 4032X3024 px
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Re: Cartridge Travel Case (Holds 35 Games)
Posted on: 4/16 16:22
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I sent you a PM about this. Posting here for higher visibility. That case is looking pretty sweet!

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