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Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/4 9:37
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Hey Everyone,

I've lately noticed that the site is selling all of my games. Initially, I was going to ignore it but someone contacted him and made him ask all developers for permission to sell the respective games. I told him to stop selling all of them (which he initially did). We actually wrote some mails back and forth in which I suggest alternative ways for him to be part of this community.

However, he just waited and is now back to selling all my games and actually claiming I gave permission. I decided to not let this behavior pass. Thereby I will:

1. Stop all VB development as long as my games are in his store.
2. Delete every VB project and give away all my dev hardware if they are not gone by the end of the month and of course never return to VB development

Attached too this post you will find the original letter he sent me as well as the full unaltered and uncensored e-mail conversation we had. You will see that I gave him a heads up about the actions I'm going to take.

Please try not to convince me to do otherwise. If you feel like taking action you can try to convince the owner of vintex64 to take down the games. His name Lee Verkuylen and you can reach him through his company e-mail address: or his private e-mail address: You could try contacting him through the data that is available about him on but he's living at his parents place and you might just reach them.

I will deactivate my patreon this weekend and refund people if they want to.


Edit: Attached mail conversation deleted due to mild privacy concerns. More.

Attach file:

pdf Thunderstruck - Letter.pdf Size: 216.42 KB; Hits: 116
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Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/4 14:13
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Here's to hoping this will end up having been a strike from VB development and not a resignation. :(

Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/4 20:16
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Really sorry for you, I can't deal with someone who makes such a perverse and selfish use of someone's work.

I hope he regrets at some point

Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/4 23:30
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I was hoping this was April fools, too bad it's 3 days past :(

Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/5 4:33
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hmmm i haven't been keeping up with the homebrew scene on VB so im not sure what games you have made but this is normal there will be arse holes that steal. but i think quitting all together hurts the whole community considering not every one know how to make a game on VB. have you threatened to sue for copyright infringement? maybe that would make the guy think twice about selling your intellectual property. if he thinks your will sue then he will probably stop.

anyways im sorry this happened. do you you think is best but i think you should reconsider your actions of throwing in the towel.

Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/5 4:56
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i sent this email to him i hope it helps.

So... i hear your pirating games from a hombrew developer named thunderstruck against his will. you realize he going to quit developing for VB if you continue to sell his homebrew titles dont you? the VB homebrew scene will lose a great dev all because of your greedy arse! and do you also realize you could be sued for copyright infringement on intellectual property? Your playing with fire. if it were me making those games and you started selling them with out my permission i wouldnt hesitate to sue you. especially since he asked you nicely to stop selling his titles and you wait and start selling them again.

People like you disgust me, you should be ashamed. and dont give me he gave you permission cause i know for a fact he didn't.

Dont bother replying to me. i don't want to hear your excuses.

Good Day!

Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/5 5:37
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Ok Boys and girl, we have 25 days and 30min to all tell Vintex64 that we will boycott all of his products unless he stops selling Thunderstruck's video games. There are 3629 members here that could write letters of complaint. Mine went like this

Mr. Verkuylen, I would ask nicely but aparently that does not
†work for you. STOP SELLING THUNDERSTRUCK'S VB VIDEO GAMES. They are not your property or your IP therefore legal action could be taken.†
As you well know Thunderstruck is going to quit developement for VB if you do not stop selling his products. Furthermore as a fan of Thunderstruck I will boycott any and all of your products and kindly request that others in the VB comunity and others will follow suit. I could say more but being a Christian I will refrain,

I urge all of us to stand behind Thunderstruck and boycott this jerk with a letter saying you will do so.

Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/5 6:48
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Oh no no no please donít quit please please pleaAe. What you do means so much to me, What you have done so far for snatcher means everything to me please donít stop. I have emailed this guy to please stop what he is doing for your cause but I will support your Patreon for 7 years ( maybe 15 years) but just donít stop. I know what you say to not ask you. I will email him to stop selling your stuff. Gosh dangit my life is Losing itís meaning if you donít keep up your creative work. I know I shouldnít post if Iím drunk but i do

^^^Sorry for the drunk post, Iím gonna leave it there because I think itís funny.

I emailed the guy asking him to stop and hopefully he does
Edited by Nate on 2020/4/5 17:59

Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/5 12:07
Joined 2012/1/23
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That's so sad,I bought a link cable from the side some time ago.

We all love and respect your games-development and your great

support for the PVB comunity,we stand behind you


I sent a mail to side,i hope it helps.

Re: Thunderstruck quits VB development
Posted on: 4/5 20:33
Joined 4/5
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Long time lurker, but just had to respond after seeing some discussion regarding this.

No one holds the IP rights on these games in the community beyond the actual 100% developed home brew titles, those I agree should have authors permission to sell.

However no one in the community holds the distribution rights to the patched/hacked roms, in fact all files have been generously made available for free.

I don't see how anyone can be mad at a seller who is selling the carts with the roms, they have as much right to distribute them as Thunderstruck or anyone else (which is no legal right).

I understand time was spent translating, and it's of course appreciated however again no one but the original publishers (many of who still exist and defend their IPs) have the right to distribute and profit off of in anyway.

Lets be real here, is Taito ok with copys of Space Invaders being produced and distributed for $100? This entire thing could go a much different way if angry people start reaching out to IP holders in an attempt to get rom distribution and creation just shut down altogether putting this site itself in jeopardy for hosting such files.

It's very childish and somewhat odd to try and strong arm the community into attacking a seller by stating they will leave forever.

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