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[Release] Bound High Music and Sound Effects
Posted on: 3/28 21:54
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Hey Everyone,

attached to this post you will find all the Bound High Background music and all the sound effects recorded from hardware. I managed to do this by recompiling the games source code after activating previously deactivated debug features. I will publish the results soon in a different post. As far as I can tell track 16 and 19 are not used from the code. Track 16 seems to be an alternative for track 5. Track 8 (the death music) has a nice easter egg hidden at the end.

Special Thanks goes to all my Patreons (especially to Randy Jeffery). I used the money to buy a set of audio and video conversion tools which made this quite a bit easier. I plan to use them on my youtube videos as well.

If you want to support me as well, you can do so here:

Cheers Everyone

Attach file:

zip BH Size: 34,004.62 KB; Hits: 33
001 BH OST HQ.7z.001 Size: 30,720.00 KB; Hits: 29
002 BH OST HQ.7z.002 Size: 30,720.00 KB; Hits: 23
003 BH OST HQ.7z.003 Size: 21,392.67 KB; Hits: 26
zip Size: 719.93 KB; Hits: 30
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Re: [Release] Bound High Music and Sound Effects
Posted on: 3/30 19:31
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The music in this game is really awesome. Thanks for all you do man!

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