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Possible issue with VirtualBoyGo emulator on Oculus Quest?
Posted on: 3/16 14:46
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The other day, I wanted to play Golf, so I whipped out my oculus quest and booted up the VBGo emulator. It's an awesome, awesome emulator, that really does let you play VB in 3D anywhere. That said, I think I found a problem, and I want to know if anyone else can verify this.

When playing Golf, I would start a swing, and on the screen where the cursor would move over the ball surface (when you choose your impact location and quality), the cursor moved extremely quickly. As I recall from the cart version on real hardware, that cursor moves very slowly, or at least, not nearly as fast as this one did. I'm sorry I don't have video at this time, I will try and convert the recording I made on quest to a flat-compatible format.

Anyway, can any other oculus quest owners boot up golf and confirm that it is faster than normal on the ball target screen? Especially if you also have a VB with which to test the real deal. Note, this is not the screen where you set your swing strength, but rather the screen after that, where the ball appears on-screen, and a cursor moves across it, top to bottom, left to right, for the player to choose their impact style. I am concerned that the emulation speeds it up to be way too fast vs. the original game, but I sold my original cart so I can no longer test this matter. If it is a problem, then I want to contact the developer ASAP about it, but not if I can't confirm it.

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