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Schwanck Serial Numbers for all my homemade products (drew)
Posted on: 2/11 1:21
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Making a backup catalog for future reference for me and others

BlockBuster Foam Repair Kits: The original 9 kits did not come with a blockbuster tag as they had not been created yet. Each one came with an instruction manual individually numbered and signed

after the first release they now come with a tag, the lowest serial number tag is F10

Repair Tag Kit:
Depending on what they order is what the serial number is:
Foam = F10 F11 etc.
Tags= T1, T2, etc.
Foam+Tags= FT1 etc.
(Two cases have “Creator SE” for Me)

2.0 Update: Rights reserved logo tweaked, Improved 6 Total Pieces more accurately
3.0 Update: Controller Cutout improved

VB Decade Case
There are three options which gives each case a unique serial number
USA = M1US-001
Classic = M1CL-001
Japan = M1JP-001

M= Model # (Country) - (serial number)

-Errors and mistakes:
#1- 1 case the front label has defect of cut line across the middle
#2- 1 case used self laminated tags, instead of normal laminating tags due to Covid-19 set backs.

M1US-001 was a prototype first build. There was many changes and revisions while in the middle of making this one. So the quality isn't as great as my usual. The label isn't laminated and the case does not have any repo blockbuster barcodes inside.

all cases afterwards did, so I did not bother changing the model number since only one was different then the rest.

Mellots Programmer Travel Case

Case #1 - Programmer 6 - fw1.7 (Typo Fixed)
Case #2 - Programmer 13 - fw1.7
Case #3 - Programmer 19 - fw1.2
Case #4- Programmer 35 - fw1.7+ (Venom edition)
Case #2 and #3 Have a Typo, says Melot instead of Mellott

35 Cartridge Hard Travel Case
V2.0- Graph Lines are Black, Added Case Design By: Schwanck to Label
V3.0 - Better glue processing
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/2/11 2:08
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/2/11 2:16
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/3/12 1:13
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/3/19 12:52
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/3/22 3:10
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/4/26 20:50
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/4/26 20:51
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/5/12 15:39
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/6/18 14:03
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/6/18 14:06
Edited by Schwanck on 2020/6/18 14:07

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