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Left vs. Right "Eye" differences
Posted on: 2019/9/6 4:47

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I have been tinkering with my VB trying to get it to display properly again since for about 2 weeks it was working flawlessly. I have noticed that my right eye ribbon cable seems to be significantly weaker than the left eye (The left eye still works flawlessly with original glue). The right eye isn't stiff like the left eye and has creases in it. I am wondering if this is common for one cable to be worse than another. They almost look like a different cable with the right being light orange in color while the left is more of as burnt orange or brown color.

Is this common? Is there anyway to stiffen the cable back up?

I just know I will need to solder fix this at some point and I'd rather not fix it and then the cable disintegrate on me or if this is common I can worry less about it.


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