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Weird Wario Land Instructions
Posted on: 2019/7/26 4:28
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I was browsing eBay and found a boxed copy of Wario Land that came with these. Has anyone seen these before? Maybe instructions a certain business printed?

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Re: Weird Wario Land Instructions
Posted on: 2019/7/26 17:47
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Reminds me of the instructions that would come with old Blockbuster rentals. I imagine they got tired of instruction manuals disappearing, then people complaining that they didn't know how to play the game. So the game cases (the VHS-sized ones that they used for everything, including Game Boy games) would have this kind of thing printed up on the back. Looks like about the right size, and the format looks like I remember it, with generic info taking up half the space, and one or two paragraphs about how to actually play the game. So my guess is Blockbuster.

Unless maybe they got these writeups from somewhere else. Maybe other rental places would use the same ones, I don't know.

Re: Weird Wario Land Instructions
Posted on: 2019/8/8 2:30
VB Gamer
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thats my guess too. Looks like rental instructions. Ive even heard podcasters talk about working at blockbuster, etc where they themselves ended up keeping the materials (box, manual) when the stores rolled out subs like this to save on loss and wear/tear.

EDIT: on second thought, it seems too technical and professional for a video store knockoff. Seems like maybe some kind of instructions for a demo kiosk or trade show, maybe?

Re: Weird Wario Land Instructions
Posted on: 2019/8/11 3:06
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There were a lot of VB boxed games out of Mexico that appeared on eBay about 2 years ago that also had printed instructions. When I contacted the seller, he told me that this was how the games came in Mexico. I've no idea if this is true or what the state of VB games was like in 1995 Mexico. Perhaps, this is a possibility?

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Re: Weird Wario Land Instructions
Posted on: 2019/8/15 3:48
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No I'd say that seems to me that is a rental store one. Some I've seen for as far back as the NES got that detailed and with that kind of uniform font. Usually they were affixed into those plastic rental cases, as an included sheet or whatever. It more throws me having the frayed one side like it was torn out.

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