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Re: Red Square, a Yume Nikki Fan Game
Posted on: 8/11 5:00
VB Gamer
Joined 6/29
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unoclay wrote:
I really liked it. A mysterious vibe, and i caught onto the joke aspects pretty quickly, and though i wont pretend to understand it (even the dadaist ending/meaning/etc) i liked the flavor of the whole thing. It was short enough to play and finish quickly, and it works well. And the graphics are great, especially the void area with the ameoba thing!

Great contribution to the VB homebrew library imho.

It's great to hear that you enjoyed it. I never really thought much about what people would think of the things we put in, but it seems like it left a good impression on you. The VB community as a whole has made me confident that making this game for the VB was the right decision!

Thanks for playing my game!

Re: Red Square, a Yume Nikki Fan Game
Posted on: 8/15 13:00
Joined 6/25
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I recently was able to play it on Oculus Quest in 3D and it was a beautiful little experience. I really enjoyed this piece of art and felt sad (in more than one way) when it ended.
Thank you for making it and even more so for releasing the sources!

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