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We Love Mario!
Posted on: 2019/4/14 9:40
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My son had recently gone to his school's book fair and came across this book called "We Love Mario!". He was super excited to show me that he had found some VB info in it, and he wanted me to share it with everybody here :)

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jpg  We Love Mario! cover.jpg (336.73 KB)
8015_5cb2e3a2692f2.jpg 1563X2012 px

jpg  We Love Mario! page 15.jpg (483.38 KB)
8015_5cb2e3ae89ca2.jpg 1574X2011 px

jpg  We Love Mario! page 51.jpg (453.14 KB)
8015_5cb2e3b90812f.jpg 1545X1990 px

Re: We Love Mario!
Posted on: 2019/4/15 0:29
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Nice! What a great find!

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