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Re: MultiBoy 32
Posted on: 6/5 14:46
VB Gamer
Joined 2009/8/24
Great Britain
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Count me in! I've dropped you an email as stated on the first post. However it gets funded I'm in!

Re: MultiBoy 32
Posted on: 6/12 3:48
Virtual Freak
Joined 1/27
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I forgot to mention since that last post of mine in mid-April I sold my flashboy off.

I'll be in for this when it becomes a reality. A great person designing what appears to finally be a great kit for the little 3D device that could before its time.

Re: MultiBoy 32
Posted on: Yesterday 9:00
Joined Yesterday
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Iíve just found this page, and sent an email right after reading this. Great project! Iím happy to know that more people is still enjoying this system.

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