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WTB: Golf, Panic Bomber, Vertical Force, Jack Bros.; For Trade: Waterworld and more
Posted on: 2019/1/26 6:45
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I'm interested in buying/trading for the below items to finish off the US library for my collection. I'm only interested in original (not repro) items:

-Golf (cart, manual, box)
-Panic Bomber (cart, manual, box)
-Vertical Force (cart, manual, box)
-Jack Bros. (box only - I know that's a long shot)

Complete in Box game offers would be great, but if you have any of the carts, manuals, or boxes I need I'm still interested.

I'd be happy to work out a cash offer but I also have the below items for trade if anyone is interested:
-Waterworld cart and manual
-Galactic Pinball (cart only)
-Virtual League Baseball (cart, box, manual)

Send me a PM or comment here and let's work something out! Pics of the items can be provided upon request including pictures of the actual boards showing that they are indeed original.

So the longer version of my VB collection story... I bought my VB on clearance at Walmart back when they were clearing them out along with 2 games. I never really had thoughts of getting the whole US catalog. Over the years, I picked up a game here or there when I came across a good deal. A few weeks ago, I got a wild urge to get Waterworld, so I started looking. Thankfully, I got the manual first due to the kindness of a member here but then I got on eBay to finish it off and did that thing us collectors do where when all was said and done, I had extra stuff. Next, a copy of Jack Bros with the manual showed up here for a price that I was happy with so I snatched it up. Then it occurred to me that I was very close to the US catalog and may as well try to finish it off. So here we are...

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