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Re: What should Team VUEngine work on next?
Posted on: 4/12 23:10
Joined 4/12
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I am new here, though i have been checking the site for awhile. This may be a little off, but i thought of an idea for a new vb game. The premise would be similar to "Cliff Diving", an augmented reality PS Vita game. However, it would contain Nintendo only characters and would be called Mario Diving. I doubt this would be possible due to nintendos' strict IP policy, but maybe swapping mario for VB characters like NESTER, and Jack Bro's--etc. Also, anyone remember World Games for the nes, the cliff diving part? I remember purposely diving head first into rocks for laughs. Also a rpg game similar in the vein of; Megatraveller 1: Zhodani Conspiracy. Thanks

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