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Custom 3DS Virtual Boy Edition [UPDATED]
Posted on: 2018/8/1 1:57
VB Gamer
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So thanks to the PVB community I've been able to complete the guide to the 3ds Virtual Boy Edition. Follow the steps bellow and by the eend you eill have your own Virtual Boy themed 3ds!

Step 1: Get this Virtual Boy themed 3ds case on etsy ... -kit?ref=shop_home_active

Step 2: Download the homebrew launcher to your 3ds system

Step 3: Download this awesome Virtual Boy inspired 3ds theme by Joe Passive

Step 4: download a Virtual Boy Emulator for the 3ds. The only good one as of me writing this is called r3dragon however Guy Perfect is working on one that will work perfectly!

Step 5: Enjoy your 3ds Virtual Boy Edition

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Re: Custom 3DS Virtual Boy Edition [UPDATED]
Posted on: 2018/8/1 3:25
VB Gamer
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This is AWESOME!!


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