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[FONT] Nintendo VB Font
Posted on: 2018/7/24 23:49
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In a bored moment I ripped the font used for the precaution and auto pause screens in Nintendo's early VB games (that means all except Nester and Wario). Also made a version with the missing characters filled in. Just dumping these here to be able to get rid of them from hy hard drive .

Attach file:

png  official-font.png (15.99 KB)
1_5b579e0b15ca6.png 104X24 px

png  official-font-japanese.png (19.03 KB)
1_5b579e100861c.png 136X16 px

png  official-font-completed.png (16.03 KB)
1_5b579e166f8b8.png 104X24 px

Re: [FONT] Nintendo VB Font
Posted on: 2018/7/25 0:21
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Thatís actually really cool, more fonts.

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