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VB solder repairs
Posted on: 7/13 11:37
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Also, I figured a separate post was better to mention that I'm slowly easing back into VB solder repairs. Sorry to anybody who's written me about this and been stonewalled with silence in return! I was doing so many repairs at one time that I never felt like making my other crazy tech projects become reality, and had a tendency to forget to reply to people. My plan is to have a soft limit on how many orders I'll take at once just so it doesn't become too overwhelming. Now that I also have a real computer again, it should be easier to coordinate with customers once the orders come in :)

So, I'd recommend emailing me directly if you need this service (and nobody else has started doing it haha...)

Re: VB solder repairs
Posted on: 7/13 20:08
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Emailed :)

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