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Selling all my doubles
Posted on: 2018/7/10 20:13
VB Gamer
Joined 2018/7/3
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Mario's Tennis 8 each.

Ripped Wario Land 10.
Wario land with mostly good label but tiny imperfection 12.

Galactic Pinball, Red Alarm, Teleroboxer 15 each.

Panic Bomber (small tear in label) and Mario Clash 20 each.

Vertical Force 25.

Nesters Bowling x 2 30 each.

Virtual Fishing cart original cart with repro box 50.

Boxed and sealed baseball 15. Has big ding in bottom.

5 dollars shipping and handling no matter how many you buy.

Paypal goods and services. If you want a small discount I can do friends and family also and give you whatever the fees would have been off the top of the price.

All games will have a dust cover even if not pictured with one.

Attach file:

jpeg  1CAE7257-7EA0-4FCB-8279-2EEF8635E15D.jpeg (159.05 KB)
14771_5b44f72e4e45a.jpeg 960X720 px

jpeg  C01F818D-D18F-4314-BCEE-E1EFB07EDBD5.jpeg (53.34 KB)
14771_5b44f73bee4ba.jpeg 655X540 px

Re: Selling all my doubles
Posted on: 2018/7/11 6:18
VB Gamer
Joined 2018/7/3
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Red Alarm, galactic pinball, loose baseball, mario clash, one nesters, and vertical force sold.

Re: Selling all my doubles
Posted on: 2018/10/10 9:17
VB Gamer
Joined 2012/11/27
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Pm sent

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