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Re: MAIDEN - Development Thread
Posted on: 2018/8/28 6:42
VB Gamer
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Hey Everyone,

Sorry to keep you waiting on MAIDEN related news. As you can already tell we're running a bit behind on the crowdfunding campaign. Part of this is because we have some work to finish up on other projects and the other part is related to the scope of the game. We're interested in making the best technical showcase on the Virtual Boy and at the Virtual Boy's full 50FPS.

To accomplish this we've decided to rely heavily on prerendered 3D assets as these not only look great but we're able to render out multiple angles as needed, which is a big plus when you want to produce a true 3D image and not just the basic parallax. We've got more announcements coming soon, but rest assured we're working hard and this game is far from development hell. Next time we talk will be when we're ready to announce the date of the crowdfunding campaign.

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