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Re: WTB: Waterworld for 70-90$
Posted on: 2018/6/13 17:35
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Lol, I did the easy part. Thanks for the great deal on a like-new cart. And for encouraging me to actually give Waterworld a chance!

Re: WTB: Waterworld for 70-90$
Posted on: 2018/6/13 19:04
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pinmagic wrote:
Thanks to Splain for restoring my faith in people. He inquired about the price, sent Paypal quickly, and let me know when the package arrived. Kudos to him!

You were a pleasure to deal with when I purchased Insmouth no Yakata from you too, Neil. I'd recommend you to anyone looking for VB stuff (provided you had stuff to sell lol)

Splain, I think you'll be able to find some enjoyment in Waterworld. When I got it, I was expecting the worst and honestly I had fun with it. Definitely not the worst game on the console like many say it is (at least IMO)

Re: WTB: Waterworld for 70-90$
Posted on: 2018/6/14 22:13
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Thx! That was another smooth transaction. Appreciate it!

Re: WTB: Waterworld for 70-90$
Posted on: 2018/6/22 20:24
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pinmagic wrote:

I love this board, and I've gotten more out of it than I can possibly give back, but frankly, I'm baffled by this behavior. Maybe you can shed some light on it - that'd help me out. Thanks.

Well, originally I posted this while having the ability to get it, but then by the time you responded I didn't. you know, life happens, I'm sorry for your trouble

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