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Just noticed today is my PlanetVB 4th Birthday!
Posted on: 2018/5/17 5:06
Joined 2014/5/16
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Long Time User (6 Years)
I just happened to see that today is my 4th anniversary of registering with the site! Truth be told I lurked for an untold number of years to check in on the homebrew, translations, FlashBoy+, etc. before I finally felt the need to register so I could ask a noob question about the using the GB Emulator for VB, apparently. What a great community we have here! It's crazy to think about everything this community has produced just in those 4 years for our favorite Little System That Could, itself now over 20 years old. Without PlanetVB my systems would all have broken displays... I'd have no FlashBoy+, no Hyper Fighting, no link cable and the games to utilize it... not to mention the homebrew games and ROM and manual English translations. And there is so much more on the horizon!

Re: Just noticed today is my PlanetVB 4th Birthday!
Posted on: 2018/5/17 5:59
Joined 2016/5/12
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Long Time User (4 Years)
Happy PVB Birthday Brotha!

You just had me curious to see when my birthday was.. looks like my 2nd year just happened on the 12th! D'oh!

Granted I would say most of my activity has been within the last year. I love it here though. Glad you feel the same way!

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