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Fund a homebrew project and get Hyper Fighting CIB
Posted on: 4/16 1:31
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OK dear girls and boys - prepare to get wet because here comes your chance for a Hyper Fighting CIB!

I'm willing to pass my HF CIB for an outrageous price of 1432 $. Yes, the price is so small, you can't even read it! OK, actually this is alot of money. It's the same crazy price that I've paid for it (converted from € to $, at exchange rate of buying day). I know ... i'm nuts. But you're too! And also:

• the complete outrageous price will be reinvested in the PVB emulator project! In installments of 300 to 400 $ per month, depending on the pledge development ...
• CIB is in a very good condition. There are slight wrinkles at the top and bottom of the box (see images) ... possibly caused by Mr. Anon himself!!
• The box is stored in a protective clear box, game and booklet in protective sleeves (also see images)
• Insuranced international shipping will be included in the outrageous price

So, do something crazy today: just buy this and become a major sponsor of the PVB emulator too!

First come, first serve.
Happy sweating!

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jpg  set-1.jpg (296.74 KB)
14288_5ad3df02aca84.jpg 1632X1224 px

jpg  set-2.jpg (302.89 KB)
14288_5ad3df0ece7a3.jpg 1632X1224 px

jpg  set-3.jpg (286.79 KB)
14288_5ad3df1b5f87e.jpg 1632X1224 px

jpg  box_back.jpg (215.06 KB)
14288_5ad3df3d55b59.jpg 1632X1224 px

jpg  box_corner.jpg (219.79 KB)
14288_5ad3df47416f3.jpg 1632X1224 px

jpg  wrinkle_top.jpg (217.79 KB)
14288_5ad3df6146839.jpg 1632X1224 px

jpg  wrinkle_bottom.jpg (208.76 KB)
14288_5ad3df6c6c3e3.jpg 1632X1224 px

jpg  protectors-1.jpg (277.26 KB)
14288_5ad3df77da6ab.jpg 1224X1632 px

jpg  protectors-2.jpg (301.72 KB)
14288_5ad3df85d7783.jpg 1224X1632 px

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