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Re: PVB Emulator & Fundraiser
Posted on: 7/11 21:28
Joined 7/11
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any new updates Guy?

Re: PVB Emulator & Fundraiser
Posted on: 7/13 20:52
Joined 2012/12/4
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CoderLong Time User (5 Years)
Still alive! Sorry about that. I said "expect something this week" and now it's two weeks later. My bad. (-:

While yes, progress has been made on the project, it was on the back-end and the VIP window isn't complete yet. I reworked most of the VIP I/O interface to correct for an oversight where I was treating all memory accesses as though only the emulated CPU could do it. Since the debugger is allowed to do "debug" accesses, it meant allowing for certain impossible things such as writing only the upper byte of an I/O register, etc. That's all sorted out now, and the Registers tab is looking amazing.

So what was I doing for two weeks? The short answer is Something Came Upô. It was a time-sensitive affair not related to Virtual Boy that I was hoping would be resolved in just a handful of days, but I don't want to sink any more time into it. Virtual Boy needs me! It's a bit frustrating because the other thing is nearly fulfilled and yet I have to leave it in the hands of the others involved. Oh well, that's how things are, and VB needs more love, so VB gets more love.

We now return to our regularly scheduled development. The support for this project is always well appreciated and I'm looking forward to charging back into it. <3

Re: PVB Emulator & Fundraiser
Posted on: 7/14 4:09
VB Gamer
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OMG!!! Post a picture of it please!

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