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Re: Project Virtual Mario Land - Wario Cruise
Posted on: 2018/3/29 11:09
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Here's another attempt at recreating that particular Mario Demo screenshot, based on a slightly better scan of it. I think it's pretty much pixel perfect - the dithered areas were a pretty good reference for counting pixels. :-)

I am not sure about the background mountains, though. The outlines seem lighter, but still very much the same color as their dither pattern as well as the mounds in front of them.

Attach file:

png  mario-demo-1.png (308.38 KB)
1_5abcacb38da65.png 514X350 px

png  mario-demo-1-recreation.png (26.66 KB)
1_5abcae436e956.png 574X392 px

Re: Project Virtual Mario Land - Wario Cruise
Posted on: 2019/11/28 0:59
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I know this is very late, but what if Level 7 was a junkyard? Maybe a Playstation could appear among the trash as a joke.

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