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Provenance of Blockbuster VB rental ad?
Posted on: 2018/1/19 1:58
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So there's an auction on for this ad: ... 8df614:g:~z0AAOSwlpZaV99V

(also attached)

Does anyone know from what magazine it's from? I'm surprised to see Blockbuster offering other rentals with a coupon making it the same price as the VB rentals... (note that the coupon only applies to Sega Saturn and Playstation!)

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jpg  Blockbuster_GameConsoleRentalAd.jpg (519.41 KB)
1219_5a61429a7a753.jpg 1213X1600 px

Re: Provenance of Blockbuster VB rental ad?
Posted on: 2018/1/20 0:36
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Please tell me you weren't the person who spent $12.90 on this ad. :)

I have no idea what the ad's from, but my guess would be any of the mid-90s gaming magazines. If I still had all my old GamePros, I could check them.

By the way, and on a tangent here, but Blockbuster was so shady with its "3-day rentals." They used to hit so many people with late fees because they counted the day you rented something as the first day.

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