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Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2019/10/16 22:04
Joined 2009/5/15
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Long Time User (10 Years)
Looking for either a quote for repair (well, my unit works but want to future proof) against glue issues on the ribbons, in the USA, or someone in Europe.

I would probably invest in the screwdrivers to open and remove the display units, as I have had this since it was released (shipped from the states to the UK) and am super protective of my beloved VB.

Price for work and return shipping to England please?

My email is

Many thanks in advance for the above and if possible from the community, personal recommendations, as I see a few people offering their services. What was the quality of work like when you got your display units back?

Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2019/10/26 7:15
Joined 2019/10/26
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Joined forum to find someone who could help with repair.

Just got a VB, and right lens glitches out shortly after power up. Looking for a quote for repair. Thanks!

Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2019/11/4 7:56
Joined 2019/11/4
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I posted in the marketplace thread, but does anyone know of anyone doing repairs all the way down here in Australia?

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