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Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2017/11/7 11:37
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Due to a bad design choice made by Nintendo, every Virtual Boy will sooner or later suffer from faulty displays that show vertical lines or are messed up in other ways. This is due to the cables leading to the displays being held in place by glue rather than proper solder connections. In case your Virtual Boy shows the typical symptoms, here's a list of nice guys who offer their services to permanently fix your console(s) by soldering the display cables.

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Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2017/11/7 21:57
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Good one to have stickied! I do still repair them and probably will indefinitely.

Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2017/11/7 22:36
Virtual Freak
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thank you for the shout out :P

Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2017/12/13 21:06
VB Gamer
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Feel free to add me to the list as well for the USA. I've done a couple units and would be more than happy to help other members out.

Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2017/12/16 0:35
VB Gamer
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I'm willing to do this repair in exchange for Virtual Boy games and accessories. If you have any of the following laying around:

VB controllers (working or not)
VB games (working or not)
VB game dust covers
VB eye-shades
VB stands
VB AC adapters
VB battery packs
Anything VB!
I would also gladly trade for Game Boy games and hardware.

I could do it for money, but I'm just going to spend it on this stuff anyways. So just toss this stuff in when you mail your VB or ribbons! Send me a PM and we'll work something out. I'm located in the US.

Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2017/12/31 17:38
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I have two VBs that I had repaired. I sent one to TheForce81 and the other to HP Lovethrash. It's been over 2 years and they both work great. Thanks guys!

Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 5/16 22:31
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Just wanted to publicly thank TheForce81 for fixing my VB screen. I found him and this forum searching for a screen fix.

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