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Re: Mario
Posted on: 2017/8/20 13:02
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I googled for bspatch, downloaded that.

Then you just follow instructions in command prompt:
bspatch oldfile newfile patchfile

Mario's Tennis grows from 512kB to 2MB.
Haven't tried it yet, don't have the link cable yet and currently just one VB anyway.

Don't really know why "everyone" has to do this, it would be easier for all to download the patched file. Games are downloadable here anyway.

Re: Mario
Posted on: 2017/8/20 13:52
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Jeez, I should have figured that out myself, I blame the jetlag when I tried it lol. The link you provided here has all the instructions, and I already went there but it seems I didn't read it correctly haha.

Re: Mario
Posted on: 2017/8/20 17:02
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Lester Knight wrote:
However, I do not see the 2 player link modes. Do these modes only appear if an active link has been established?

Yeah, you can only see them when the link cable is plugged in and both VBs are running the game.

Re: Mario
Posted on: 2017/8/25 20:07
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thanks for the replies!! I figured that was the reason but I wanted to ask the community to be sure.

Re: Mario
Posted on: 2017/9/2 7:42
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I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned this hack came out... just wanted to drop in and say GREAT JOB!


Re: Mario
Posted on: 2017/9/7 0:30
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Holy Cow! Great work M.K.! You're the hero we need! :D Thanks for doing all this!

Re: Mario
Posted on: 2017/12/31 16:17
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Thanks for all your hard work! Nice to know that there was some actual work done by Nintendo in regards to true multiplayer with the VB.

Re: Mario
Posted on: 2019/6/3 2:34
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Why does the ball keep disappearing?

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