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Virtual Boy Stand
Posted on: 2017/4/9 14:12
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I just got a broken virtual boy and repaired the display with a heat gun and it is beautiful! I love this feat of engineering, however, I'm not too amped about the stand that it's mounted on. I just don't like having to lean forward and extend my neck like a giraffe the whole time, and it makes any amount of extended play quite uncomfortable. I've seen a couple tripod "solutions" for this problem being sold on ebay, but I'm not so convinced that they would really alleviate it completely. Is there anywhere else to buy a really good stand for the virtual boy that is super adjustable, or is there any resources on how to make one?

Re: Virtual Boy Stand
Posted on: 2017/4/9 14:40
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try this one for size,
hopw it helps!

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