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What are the mayjor cons that lead to the failure of the VB?
Posted on: 2004/12/9 17:15
I'm just doing a bit of research here and need to know what made the VB suck so bad... If you could just post the reasons here or email me at then that'd be great...

Re: What are the mayjor cons that lead to the failure of the VB?
Posted on: 2004/12/10 21:52
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Here are a few points I can think of right now:

- Too expensive at launch
- PSX and Saturn just hit the market at about the same time
- Very few and monochrome games
- It was not really portable like it was marketed as
- People were afraid of damaging their eyes

Re: What are the mayjor cons that lead to the failure of the VB?
Posted on: 2004/12/12 8:32

I know it may seem hard to remember, but there was a time when virtually every new video game was crappy sprite-based platformer that milked the genius of games like mario, sonic, kirby and so many others. Every movie liscense, etc... the same way we see most games today being goofy 3d action games with no heart, people were, in effect, tired of 2d gameplay and sprites. 3d polygonal worlds ecxited them, and a red and black sprite machine with no multiplayer did not.. we had the already had the monochrome gameboy, which, if everyone remembers, was on the verge of tanking pre-pokemon. this orgasm over 3d polygons shut out both he VB and later the saturn which featured many excellent 2d sprite-based games which really took the art form to the next level. Nevertheless, this era produced many wonderful games and memories, my favorite being Ocarina of Time
We're still in that era, unfortunately., and it, too, has worn out its welcome. hopefully we will come out of it soon with the help of DS, etc.. I predict the next big push is going to 'photorealism'- as anyone can tell from the screenshots of everquest 3 and others for the Xbox- if they are actually in game. Yeah, I would love to see a VB2 and i think it may be released, but something inside tells me people are ready to see their 3d fantasies come to life with photorealistic 3d environments, and it would be a failure. so we all might as well enjoy the ride for the next 5 years until people tire of this wave :-)

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