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Re: Bounds Highs for sale on Assembler
Posted on: 2016/2/5 17:34

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Glad to see this story had a positive ending. :)

Coming out of the woodwork to say, I've always had great respect for what this community has been able to achieve, and how supportive of each other everyone is. I've mostly been lurking lately since life will be life (got married, bought a house, changed jobs) but I keep an eye on what everyone here is up to. And I've still got a special place in my nostalgia-heart for our little red-and-black oddball of a game system.

If someone had told 15-year-old-me that one day I'd have an English-language SD Gundam cart, for example... I'd have gone nuts! Incredible kudos to bigmak, Tusk, Ben, MineStorm, and everyone who's had a hand in the top-notch repro releases so far.

With all that said - finances being what they were at the time, I did unfortunately end up missing out on Fishbone and Faceball Remastered... so if there's ever a chance of another batch of either, I'd be interested. (I know better than to even ask about HF at this point, lol.)

In the words of the immortal Bill & Ted - be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

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