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An explanation for Virtual Lab's "Ninntenndo" misspellings
Posted on: 2015/3/17 17:49
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While looking for some old stuff, I just found an explanation for the misspellings of "Nintendo" found on the Virtual Lab box and cartridge that a professional translator gave me a few years ago.

When the back of the box it says "Ninntenndo" that's probably due to a Japanese person writing it without having it checked afterwards. :P

You see, in Japanese word processing the "n" is a special character that only is converted to hiragana or katakana if pressed twice on the keyboard.

n will result in n
and nn will turn into ん

Of course if you type another consonant after the n it will convert to ん automatically, but a lot of Japanese people just are so used to it that they write double ns even when they're writing Roman letters.

Re: An explanation for Virtual Lab
Posted on: 2015/3/18 5:12
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Yep... that's the explanation I've always heard as well.


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