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Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/13 12:24
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After the interesting details of how Hyper Fighting was funded came to light, numerous people have expressed their interest in crowdfunding another commercial-quality homebrew title.

In this thread, I would like to test grounds and get an idea to what extend you guys would be willing to support a game project. Please use the poll to give everybody a rough idea what kind of financial funds could be raised and don't hesitate to also post your personal take on the subject. :-)

Let's assume the hypothetical situation that two or three developers and designers team up in order to create a new Virtual Boy game like this action platform game I mockup up here: ... t_id=31595#forumpost31595

In order to quit day jobs to work on this project full-time, these people would need a budget of at least $50,000 and start a Kickstarter campaign after creating an impressive initial prototype.

Would you pledge and how much?

Assume that the high tiers would allow you to get personal things placed in the game, like a grafitti message, log entry, a background object you designed or something like that, while the limited 10,000 tier would essentially make you a co-producer, getting regular builds of the game, being in touch with the team all the time and having a voice in game design direction.

Also please note that none of the tiers would include a physical copy of game, but a limited complete-in-box release might happen later and backers would be first in line for it.
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Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/13 13:10
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It sounds like a great idea, though $50k is a lot of money to raise, but if 500 members here would be willing to spend $100 on it, the goal will already be met.

I am willing to pledge for $100,- to it, with a but, it needs to be a game that would be interesting to me and the idea in that mock-up thread does interest me so ;)

Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/13 16:01
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It would depend on the game, but if it was a game that interested me, I could see throwing $100 in. Of course I'd pay more to get a CIB game.


Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/13 16:06
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Like everyone before me has stated, it depends on the game and how interesting I find it. I would still donate if it was something I wasn't too interested in since I love the console and community. I would try to donate $100 but my budget might be tight so at least I would do $50.

Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/13 18:33
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It depends on who the developers are and what skills they have. I think it takes more then just programming skills to pull something like this off. The exclusion of the physical release is a good idea.

I think I would be willing to pay something between $100 and $500. As I said, it depends allot on the team, the actual development plan, the game and many other things.

$50,000 sounds like 3 people 3 month?

Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/13 19:41
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i feel that it is way to early for a number like 50K to be raised. after VR takes off and we see virtual boy emulators ported to a variety of systems then perhaps their would be enough interest. i pledge to back indy titles often and it is the obscure projects which tend to fail more often. what is more obscure than the VB? a possible project could raise interest in the news based on this obscurity, but i feel that most backers would opt for a digital release (ROM $5-15) over a physical (CIB $50-100).

i feel that such a project would need to do something not previously accomplished on the VB to generate enough interest. it may also require backing from a publisher to help generate proper interest. there is also the CIB problem to combat. if 3,000 people opted for a CIB release, would donor carts be used? this just doesn't seem feasible to me. especially considering that this 1st crowd-funding campaign would need to be planned perfectly as it may set the way for all future commercial quality VB homebrew releases.

if a physical copy was not included in any tier than the digital release would need to be FB+ compatible or i would not even consider backing it.

Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/13 21:32
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I'd pledge anywhere from $50-100, depending on how interested I am in the game, if the rom was released to at least the backers, and if there was some sort of perk for bumping up my number (the graffiti idea is cool)

Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/13 22:22
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I would be willing to pledge up to $500 ($10k+ in installments for a Chrono Trigger game ;) ). That being said, it would have to include a CIB copy. Anything under it would have to include a rom that is Flashboy + compatible. As someone who has backed many crowdfunded projects, I feel it is absolutely necessary to include either a digital or physical copy with any tier $50 and over. Otherwise this would basicly be a donation and I dont see large enough funds being generated to make this happen.

I agree that the 50k goal you mentioned is very reasonable for the coder(s) but I don't think our community is large enough to raise that kind of money. I'm just guessing but I'd say we have about 30 regular basis users? Even if we doubled that, each person would have to contribute $833.33 to reach that goal.

Its sad as I would love to see this happen but if those are the kind of funds needed, than I honestly can't see it coming to fruition.

Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/14 1:34
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I'd definitely support any crowdfunded VB game. A CIB or cart option would be nice, but a Flashboy compatible ROM would be fine too.

Re: Survey: Crowdfunding a Virtual Boy game
Posted on: 2015/3/14 2:18
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I would love to see a Starfox-like or F-Zero-like game on the VB, but really, anything new for the Virtual Boy would be welcome!

If there were any sort of physical tier (even just a boxless cart), I would definitely go for that one (Kickstarter campaigns do sometimes have "stretch goals", so maybe something like this wouldn't be too far out of the realm of possibility).

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