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3D Game: Sega SubRoc-3D 1982
Posted on: 2014/7/10 5:18
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Anyone play that arcade game released in 1982 by Sega ?

It was the first commercial game to provide a stereoscopic image to the player,with spinning discs to alternate left and right images to the player's eye from a single monitor (similar to the vectrex 3D Imager).

And i found funny how the two eye-screens system is similar to the virtual boy, more than 10 years before ...

If someone is interested, it's available on ebay !

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Re: 3D Game: Sega SubRoc-3D 1982
Posted on: 2014/7/11 1:21
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Interesting game. They could've ported onto a Sega Master System with the 3D Glasses and made a fairly accurate port.

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