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Re: Unreleased ROMS
Posted on: 2004/10/29 16:20
Joined 2003/7/27
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CoderLong Time User (15 Years) DonatorApp Coder
KR155E supposedly contacted a magazine that is known to have a copy of Faceball, but unfortunately the guy say there's no way he'd let the game be dumped, no matter how much we can pay...


Hm... That Dragon Hopper sounds too good to be true... :(

Re: Unreleased ROMS
Posted on: 2004/10/30 5:35
VB Gamer
Joined 2004/9/24
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Just because they had a release date for D-Hopper, doesn't exactly mean that it was in fact released. I would say more on the subject, but it would just be too redundant.

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