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Re: No Street Fighter 2?
Geschrieben am: 03.03.2014 7:09
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Dabei seit 10.03.2011
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please replace your assumptive attitude and instead request the meaning of what i wrote if you can not grasp its context.

the fact that you feel you are the hero for not providing additional information does not excuse you for inconsiderately leaking private information in the first place.

the point of the matter is that you divulged private conversations into the public forum. you feeling "attacked" is because you are the only one who did this, so naturally, you can be the only focus in this conversation. "bossing" you around would have involved remarks which forced you into an outcome. something i did not do.

i simply stated, across 3 replies already, that you should not have released private information into the public forum. when you PM or chat privately with someone, that is information generated for your eyes only. is it not? perhaps you were not told to release that information? i do not know because as i already said, those conversations were private, yet you should have exercised a moment of commonsense and considered the potential harm of your statement.

i have seen smaller projects than this meet their demise due to the press running wild with public forum comments. as i am sure you are aware, this project has already generated a great deal of internet press. unofficially adding anything to the mix can not be beneficial to the project.

i do believe i made my point, several times. you made it clear that you find my comments personally upsetting, several times. perhaps it is time to acknowledge these points and let this personal debate subside. i do not see what good can come of a public debate about the same core issue that fails to build in any positive direction.
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Re: No Street Fighter 2?
Geschrieben am: 03.03.2014 16:38
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Dabei seit 26.10.2007
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Let's drop it guys.

We atm have no plans of making a cib hyper fighter and putting it up on tusks site for sale.

Secret info that's not really secret info:

When/if the coder wants to release the rom in whatever form he will. Even if i get a copy of a cart and download the rom off of it..I will not make it avail without the coder wanting us too (but I might use it to make my own copy that will not be for sale).

We've had internal discussions of making parts (boards/chips/connectors/cases) avail for people to make their own carts. Also, if artwork is published they can make their own boxes. This is not a promise that we will. The connectors we have are limited in number and it will be easier for people to use their own doner cart for connectors.

Their are other people that make boards/carts of vboy games..not sure what they are planning. This is just what we are thinking of doing..and it's are premature. The ROM might be finished in a year..who knows.

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