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Multi-carts for various systems...
Posted on: 2014/2/3 9:14
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Do you guys have any recommendations for multi-carts I can get for NES, SNES, and maybe Game Boy, Genesis as well? I only know of the Everdrive thing for NES but the price seemed a little high for what it is (I saw it for 100 pounds or so...). I love my CIB games but don't have the time/funds/interest/space to be accumulating thousands of cartridges. My friend has this awesome all-in-one cart for NeoGeo, so I would love to get that for other systems if they're available...thanks!

I do remember reading here somewhere that it wouldn't be feasible to make one of these for VB, me an excuse to buy more games at least :D

Re: Multi-carts for various systems...
Posted on: 2014/2/3 9:21
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Are you asking about Flash Kits or multi-carts? Flash Kits would allow you to flash ROMs for use on hardware. Most modern kits support microSD cards and have loaders that will let you store an entire library on 1 cart. Multi-carts are like the 60-in-1 Chinese pirate carts. I have one for the NES which has 72 NES games on it, but there is no way to add my own games, homebrew, translations, etc.

If you want Flash Kits then just PM me what systems you have and I will link you to a bunch of kits. But, if you don't like the price of the Everdrive then you probably won't like any of the prices. Most "retro" Flash Kits are priced between $90 - $140 USD.

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