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Re: Unused and development content in VB games.
Posted on: 2018/5/15 3:57
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HorvatM wrote:
As I suspected, there are unused sound effects and even unused music in Virtual Lab.

At 537EC there is an array of 25 words pointing to all(?) sound effects and music tracks. The second one is the intro music, so modifying that one is the most convenient way to hear them all.

More details hopefully later.

You went to work quickly on that unused content! I wish these were added to the game. It would have made it a little better lol. That last melody is pretty catchy.

Re: Unused and development content in VB games.
Posted on: 2018/5/16 4:37
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Vague Rant wrote:
Hi all. New user here, been reading a while but wanted to register to ask the experts whether they knew of any leftover development stuff in Virtual Boy games. I'm an editor over at The Cutting Room Floor, an open wiki which documents all the fun stuff like debug modes, unused graphics, etc.--basically anything the end user wasn't really meant to see. We already cover a lot of the things that have been discovered here over the years, like the debug modes in Red Alarm and Vertical Force (you can see our complete list of Virtual Boy games if you're interested to look at what else is on there).

I don't own a Virtual Boy myself, so my experience is limited and sometimes it's hard to say whether something is unused or just not something I've seen yet, e.g. these lines beginning at 0xDE472 in SD Gundam:


("SCNARIO" typos in original.) This looks like it might have been a debug level select to me, but maybe it's just a normal menu you can't see until you're further into the game than I've gotten, etc. So I figured you folk would be the most knowledgeable on the subject. Many thanks for anything you'd like to share.

TCRF, i love that website :D Keep the great work guys! Do you guys plan to disect more Atari Jaguar games? as there's a lot of stuff uncovered there yet ;)

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