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Virtual Milo
Posted on: 2004/8/31 11:47
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Quote from Coach C on GameFaqs' VB board:

"The website "Hey Milo", which usually specializes in parodying the stupid fads and ads of the early 90's, has taken a jab at Virtual Boy. From the site, you can download a computer game called Virtual Milo - a red-hued point-and-click adventure game created under the (obviously false) pretense of being a "lost Virtual Boy game". While it's far from a perfect recreation of VB graphics and gameplay, I find that it really brings back memories of the good ol' days when you could plug your face into a Nintendo system. And besides that, it's just a pretty fun game.

^ You can download the game from that URL."

Has anybody played it? I am too lazy.. oh my xD

Re: Virtual Milo
Posted on: 2004/10/15 1:37
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That is the gayest game, I've ever played. Thanks for wasting my time.

If your reading this you have just wasted 20 seconds of your life. Congrats!

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